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Indiana Birkenstock store

Posted by Bridget on 8/15/98 at 18:00 (001328)

Anyone seeking to try or branch out in Birkenstocks would do well to try Christie's House of Birkenstock in Nashville, Ind., which is south of Indianapolis, between Bloomington and Columbus. I have no personal or financial stakes in the store but visited it today. I was impressed by the stock. Sandals, shoes, insoles, sale items. I saw styles I had never seen anyplace except the Birkenstock catalog (and who with PF feels confident ordering from a catalog?) The hours are something like 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST daily. The # is 1-800-895-1120. Best regards, Bridget

Re: Indiana Birkenstock store

Galend on 8/15/98 at 20:22 (001333)

Thanks for the info on the store. There are also a couple of good sites online that you can order unique styles from. As for catalogs - the only catalog I feel comfortable ordering footwear from is the Land's End catalog. They have the only knock off Birkey-style sandle (several styles) that I've had luck with and they only run around $30. The big plus is that their incredible customer service will allow you to return anything, period, no questions asked. I even had a pair that when a single buckle broke over a year later and they were unable to match it, they just REPLACED the pair with new ones of their own volition! Hard to beat that, and no, I have no interest in that company except that I've been very happy with it. Hope everyone else has as good of luck with them.