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More Pain After Using Arch Supports

Posted by Carol(Ont.) on 8/15/98 at 19:44 (001331)

I bought some arch supports in the drugstore and wore them in my Nike Air runners and walked for a little while. I had more pain today then I've had in weeks. Is this normal, perhaps due to a break in period. it said 24-48 hrs. on the box. I'm leery of wearing my shoes but don't want to waste the money either. Should I persevere and hope it gets better?? Thanks.

Re: More Pain After Using Arch Supports

Galend on 8/15/98 at 20:13 (001332)

I have experienced increased pain after using arch supports and even worse with heel cups (several varieties tried per Dr. suggestion.) If I wear the arch supports for a short time and then remove them, it seems to help stretch the arch and allow me to wear my New Balance shoes (personal favorites for athletic shoes) for a short while. Even so, I can not wear much else but Birkenstocks...so they are now my stock shoe. I have, by the way, tried knock-offs with little success EXCEPT for the ones from the Land's End catalog. They run around $30 and are very nice...plus, if you are not happy with them they will take them back without a problem!