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PF: relapse! still wearing Easy Spirit Anti-Gravity Shoes

Posted by Carol Dunn on 8/17/98 at 08:09 (001344)

I've had PF since February. It got better for awhile after Ultrasound treatments and it's back. Still recommend Easy Spirit Anti-Gravity Shoes, E-Breeze. Absorbs 36% more shock than the leading walking shoe. It has millions of Micro-Bubbles. 1-888-TRY-2-FLY
Also, Easy Spirit sells a $5 pair of socks that have an extra cushioned bottom. Combined, these two things help me. I have Birkenstocks, they work--but you can't wear them all day, not as good as these Easy Spirits.
I agree with Scott: LOSE WEIGHT for a cure. Of course, easier said than done.