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Re: I have Birks and tried a lot of other things

Posted by Lora Toppe on 8/17/98 at 08:26 (001346)

I have two pairs of Birks and wear them all the time. I bought them before surgery and they haven't helped that much. I can say that my feet feel better in them than in the tennis shoe with the orthodics. Not sure what else I can try. Lora

Re: I have Birks and tried a lot of other things

shari on 8/18/98 at 19:41 (001359)

I also have birks, used to have no pain wearing them, now I feel
significant pain when I do. The most comfort is when I wear particular pairs of MIA shoes (with a slight heel).
I have been in pain for 4 years now, the best I have felt is when
I practiced YOGA, but then sprained my ankle & cannot - Oh well.
I can't believe that I used to take walking & standing for granted.
Also I find that walking on a regular basis really helps.
Hope this helps you too.