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Posted by Janene on 8/17/98 at 13:36 (001348)


Has anyone had relief from using a chiropractor to treat PF?

Re: Chiropractor

Annette on 8/17/98 at 19:08 (001352)

A little help. chiropractors can adjust bones in the feet and ankles.
It may be worth a try.

Re: Chiropractor-Active Release Therapy

Ruth Morrow on 8/18/98 at 01:01 (001355)

Yes, if you can find the right chiropractor. There is a new technique called Active Release Therapy, which, as I understand it, breaks the adhesions. When I had this therapy I had already had a cortisone shot that lasted for only 2 days, a night split that I couldn't sleep with, and 3 weeks of ultrasound 3 times a week, yet my foot was getting worse.

When I limped into my chiropractor's office I couldn't put my foot down and was walking on my toes with one foot. I was there because I had back problems resulting from walking funny. When I told him I had PF he said he could fix it. Desperate, I gave him my foot. Five minutes later I walked out of his office on 2 pain-free feet. It took 3 weeks of treatment to get rid of all the adhesions. I've had set backs when I've walked too much or stood for too long, but it only takes one session to get them right again.

This is really a new technique and there aren't that many people who know how to do it. My doc, Dr. Joseph Leahy, is located in Los Gatos, CA for those of you who live in the Bay Area. He has a website that doesn't work very well, but I think you can e-mail him through it: http://www.chaseclinic.com

I was waiting for him to get his website working before writing this, but the subject came up....