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Re: Walk!

Posted by shari on 8/18/98 at 20:02 (001361)

I know this is all even so overwhelming to me! I have been suffering
alone for four years now. I have found that certian MIA brand shoes help (a little bit of a lift)also ortho-inserts but not every day
eventually I think my feet need a break from the inserts. But yoga
& walking have been the best for me. My ankle has begun to bother me
so I have taken a break on the yoga classes (just in my home - alone
at my own pase) I believe also that rest & release of stress helps
Allow for a few days of total relaxation - away from stresses. Of
course the pain comes back with lifting, steps & walking around
bare-footed (which I cannot help in the summer) but rest allows for
a break & I believe some time to think about feeling better & visualizing NO PAIN.
Good luck