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Rough heels

Posted by Carol(Ont.) on 8/20/98 at 06:33 (001379)

This is not really a true PF question but I was wondering what is the best way to soften up rough, cracked skin on heels. Wearing sandals seems to really roughen up the skin. I'm wearing my new Birks and want to keep my heels soft. Many thanks for all the advice freely given to questions.

Re: Rough heels

Becky on 8/20/98 at 06:41 (001380)

I would try rubbing in at night when you go to bed vasaline or A&E ointment and wear a sock.Hope that helps!

Re: Rough heels

DeeDee on 8/20/98 at 08:22 (001382)

I use Avon Moisture Therapy Cream on my feet and it works great. They also have a very heavy moisturizer especially for the feet that works. I only use the cream or moisturizer before bedtime since they are pretty thick. You may want to try soaking your feet for about 20 minutes before applying the moisturizer.

Re: Rough heels

Diane F. on 8/20/98 at 09:26 (001385)

I use Nature's Gate herbal fragrance-free moisturizing lotion, which I bought in health store like cornucopia or bread and circus. I massage it into my feet and legs.. feels good :). I find if I do this my feet are better the next day.. and they are not so touchy and painful. Maybe the massaging help breakup the scar tissue or streches it, but I also massage pulling toward the toes gently of course, think I read it in a message in here but it seem to work for me. With winter I may have to use a heaver lotion but this one seem ok for now. Good luck :)

Re: Rough heels

Karen Trail on 8/20/98 at 20:42 (001393)

I also had really cracked and dry heals. I found Zim's Crack Creme at Walmart used it everyday twice a day for several months. And my heals are not cracked anymore when they get dry i use it every once in awhile to soften them. On the bottle it say mirculously removes soreness and cracked heels and it really does. Hope you can find it.