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Icing and OTC anti-inflammatories

Posted by Kristen on 8/20/98 at 14:00 (001389)

I haven't been icing my foot regularly or taking ibuprofen or ketaprofen, I guess I perceive that they don't really help heal the pf. I would think the icing would just numb the foot so you don't feel the pain as much, and the anti-inflammatories, whether OTC or prescription, just reduce the inflammation until the drug wears off...
Is there evidence that taking these measures actually help pf over the long term? My pain at this time is not debilitating, but when the pf first started it was excruciating and icing and motrin helped to cope enough that I could at least get out. I guess I'm reluctant to take the time to ice the foot if it's just numbing it when my pain isn't that bad anyway. If I knew it was actually helping the healing process I'd be more apt to be diligent about it.

Re: Icing and OTC anti-inflammatories

Chrissy on 8/21/98 at 06:52 (001403)

Kristen-My experience is similar to yours because I don't have debilitating pain, either. Talking about the long-term is not something I have a lot of experience with, but I do know this-the ice does help reduce the inflammation. I don't spend a lot of time icing my foot, just 20 minutes at night when I'm sitting down watching TV or something. It usually does make a big difference and doesn't require a lot of time. However, my podiatrist has not encouraged me to start heavily on the anti-inflammatories, so I have not been taking them either. I have barely any pain at all after 2 cortisone shots and Spenco inserts, so I continue to ice my foot regularly for preventative measures. Hope this helps!

Re: Icing and OTC anti-inflammatories

Andrea on 8/21/98 at 18:46 (001412)

As I understand it, icing and anti-inflamatories reduce the inflamation in your fascia allowing it to heal.

Inflamation is the body's response to injury increasing blood flow to the damaged area to encourage healing, but sommetimes the body gets carried away and too much of that good thing actually hinders.

Given enough time and no new trauma the fascia will heal. My podiatrist tells me that once I am totally pain free he'll take me off the (prescription) medication. I know athletes who ice after exercise regardless (just ask Michael Flatley).

Stretching is something we will all need to do for life.

Re: Icing and OTC anti-inflammatories

elise on 9/14/98 at 13:35 (001837)

How often should I ice my foot? I have been doing it 3 times/day, along with anti-inflammatories and rest, but my foot is still unbelievably swollen.