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Winter Problem!

Posted by Diane F. on 8/20/98 at 17:32 (001391)

I need some ideas about what to do when winter comes. I am now wearing sandals in the house but what do I do when winter comes, we keep it cold in the house. Kind of dreading the coming of cool weather, not sure how my feet will feel with the cold weather coming, my first winter with PF. Can you get slippers large enough to put sandals in, or what kind of socks should I get.. can't use too many socks or would not fit in my sandals... buy heated socks.. so unsure what to do! Amost want to panic, when I started thinking about cold weather coming, with the cooler days we had.. it started me thinking. Will be thinking of buying the Ontario ouch! on the price for winter wear.. have not found a insert I can wear.. including the birks one. I have been spending so much money on shoes and sandals but thanks to everyone on this board the money was not wasted. Really could use some ideas from people in the know :).

Re: Winter Problem!

Lisa Chakan on 8/20/98 at 20:04 (001392)

Dear Diane:

I know where you are coming from and share your fear of the approaching colder months. Like you, I am looking at the Birkenstock Ontario shoe. It's unbelievably expensive but I'm consoling myself with the knowledge that Birkenstocks are repairable and last for years and years and years. The inner sole is replaceable and the Ontario is meant for serious walking and hiking...meant to take a beating.

This Saturday, my hubby and I will be taking the children up to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. We explained to the kids that on the way up Mom and Dad have to stop at the Birkenstock store to get shoes for our various foot pains. They looked at us like we had ten heads but now understand that Mystic will have to wait until the feet are dealt with. Like you, so much of my available money is going toward my feet. I sure wish that insurance would cover these shoes...they are certainly a medical necessity for me. So what if I don't have enough money to buy underwear...at least my feet will be taken care of.

As to sandals indoors, I am planning on using my thick wool socks with my Birkenstock Oder sandals around the house. I wear these sandals every single day - haven't worn anything else in probably four months.

So for me, its ibuprofen, late night ice packs to reduce inflamation, wool socks in the winter and birkenstocks, birkenstocks, birkenstocks. I'm all set....let it snow.


Re: Winter Problem!- Viewed from Minnesota

Diane R. on 8/20/98 at 22:10 (001394)

Living in Minnesota I too have to deal with winter and birks. Last year was fairly mild and I managed to wear them all winter almost 100% of the time. When we had snow storms I put boots on to the car and to the door at home or work then before I did anything else I slipped right into the birks with thick socks. Wore them with the socks all the time at work and at home and in the car if dry enough outside. Was worse in the spring as the snow melted. That was tougher as sometimes got my socks wet if I wasn't careful! But trust me, it does work and you don't need to get those expensive Ontario's - unless you'd just like to have try them out. If either of you does get them, it would be great to know how they feel on your feet and how they work for PF if you have to be in them for hours at a time, etc.

Re: Winter Problem!

Diane F. on 8/21/98 at 08:40 (001406)

Thanks for the information.... what brand of wool sock? Also did you wear anything between the wool and feet.. wool is very itchy, at least for me. I hope it works for me.. usually wear about 3 pairs of sock and slipper every winter, so you can see where this might be a problem with only a pair of socks and sandals. Will be looking into the heated socks that skiers use.. who know they might be great for keeping feet warm in the house... will let you know what I find out about them.
Thanks again :).

Re: Winter Problem!- Viewed from Minnesota

Diane F. on 8/21/98 at 08:46 (001407)

Thanks for the information. But wearing the sandals outside in the winter would not work for me... I have trouble enough in the winter with cold feet before pf, 3pairs of socks and slippers... wearing them in the house will be a chore in themself. Also the winters so far if not snowy have been on the wet side.. so frostbite would be a fear if they got wet or it was too cold.. so guess I need full shoes or boots where I could put a birk footbed in ...so the saga continue hehe. Hope this winter will be like last, but with new england weather you never know :). Thanks again.

Re: Winter Problem!- Viewed from a camper's prospective

Lisa Chakan on 8/21/98 at 21:34 (001419)

As a Girl Scout leader, I'm expected to be on my feet alot - especially during camp trips when walking and light hiking are part of the deal. I wish I could wear my Birk sandals for such excursions, but given terrain and personal realities - it's just not practical for me. You bet, I'll let you know how the Birk Ontario fits. I'm going on up to the Birkenstocks at Pedorthic Services in Norwich, CT tomorrow morning and will let you know how things work out. I'm expecting that this fall and winter I'll be living in whatever closed walking shoe I decide upon.