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Re: Dr. Scholls

Posted by Diane R. on 8/20/98 at 22:17 (001395)

This stuff really does the trick. Have had dry,cracked heels alot over the years and it is worse with the sandals. Also, file off some with a pumice stone in shower or a pedicure file when dry. Then rub in the Scholls. If I do this I have no problems. Finding time and/or remembering to do it - well that's a different matter! P.S. If you get a deeper crack that gets sore, rub in alittle bacitracin then cover with bandage overnite and it really heals up well.

Re: Dr. Scholls

Carol(Ont.) on 8/21/98 at 06:17 (001402)


Does Dr.Scholl's have a creme for cracked heels?
Do I look in the drugstore or can you find it in a department store? many thanks.