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Capsaicin (chili pepper) cream for PF pain

Posted by lisa on 8/20/98 at 22:42 (001396)

I just came back from my first appointment with my health plan's physiatrist. After 13 years of PF pain and little to no response from conventional approaches, I had endoscopic surgery six months ago on both feet. Since then I've done PT and been back to the podiatrist, but the bottom line is: on a good day I'm the same as before surgery and on a bad day, worse. The physiatrist recommended Capsaicin cream, whose primary ingredient is the active ingredient in chili pepper. It's supposed to act as a counter-irritant when rubbed on topically 2x/day for 2-3 weeks. He says that when it works, it builds up in the nerve endings and disrupts pain signals to the brain, bringing relief. He's also going to do a nerve conduction study, but in the meantime suggested I try this. I searched this site and found NOTHING on this: has anyone tried it??

Re: Capsaicin (chili pepper) cream for PF pain

Kathy on 8/21/98 at 07:11 (001404)

I was give capsaicin cream for tendonitis in the wrists. I was never able to use it consistently therefore it never really worked. I also wasn't told that the effect built up over time. Thanks for that info. Be very careful if you do try it. Use gloves or a cloth to apply. It stays on your skin and everything you touch. I found my lips burning from drinking from a cup that I had touched after applying the cream. Good luck with it.

Re: Capsaicin (chili pepper) cream for PF pain

Rita on 8/21/98 at 19:59 (001414)

It is supposed to be good for pain. It was reccomended to a friend who had shingles, to use. Don't know if he tried it or if it worked.

Re: Capsaicin (chili pepper) $20 for tube

Diane R. on 8/21/98 at 20:42 (001417)

This stuff is not cheap and I did not try it for 'cummlative effect' as I had not heard of it, but rather just a few times to no apparant benefit. I, too, would caution about where you keep the tube (away from any children) and that you wash your hands extremely well after use. That stuff is very strong, burning on lips etc. Would be awful in eye area!

Re: Capsaicin (chili pepper) cream for PF pain

Saundra on 8/22/98 at 17:42 (001432)

I heard that Zostrix (over counter) is suppose to have the same effect and has the chili pepper in it also.Precautions with hand washing a must also