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Cortisone Shots: how long between shots & how many

Posted by Kathy on 8/21/98 at 07:29 (001405)

I got a cortisone shot in my right foot about a month ago. It initially felt better. I think the shot did some good because now my left hurts much more than the right. Used to be the other way around. My Ortho said I could come back and have the left foot done, but never gave me a time frame of when I could have another shot in the right. I'm curious what others have experienced. How many shots people have had (is it cumulative), does it get better with each shot? And how long have people waited between shots? Thanks for the advice.

Re: Cortisone Shots: how long between shots & how many

Pat on 8/21/98 at 09:50 (001408)

I have received two cortisone shots in my right foot. Neither shot was very painful when given and they have been helpful. The first shot lasted 3 months. My Dr. said the cortisone was probably out of my system after 2 months. I feel that I probably got careless by not wearing proper shoes when my heel was not hurting, thus the pain returned. My second shot has lasted approx. 2 months now and I am being more careful. However, after my second shot when my heel pain left, my foot hurt in other places. I have not been able to get rid of this follow-up pain - the Dr. says it is tendonitis but anti-inflammatories and stretching don't help much. I guess it's time to spend money on another office call?