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A Note of Thanks

Posted by Lydia R. on 8/21/98 at 09:59 (001409)

I would like to thank everyone who had been posting their ideas for healing PF. I was a sufferer of PF for 5 months. During those months, I have been coming to this page to get ideas on how to heal this annoying problem. Without this page, I would still be in pain. The advice I got from this page is wearing heel pads (I use Dr. Scholl's), packing my heel with a cold compress before going to bed, wearing night splints, taking glucosamine sulfate on a daily basis and stretching my calf every morning did wonders for me. I do hope other sufferers will find relief the same way I did. Bravo.

Now I am back at my old routine, taking step areobic, stairmaster and walking. No pain

Keep up the good work