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Posted by Diane F on 8/21/98 at 21:38 (001420)

I use it for muscle pain... and it is good for women to build up your bones. I ache all over if I do not use it.. think it helps with my feet pain.. don't know if it any good for heelspurs. My massage therapist ( who I can only afford once in a while) told me to take it,that it would help and it has. I can only say try it and see what happens... usually very reasonable in the cost facter. Good Luck.

Re: Cal/Mag

Annette on 8/22/98 at 10:28 (001430)

I have been talking a calcium magnesium suplement for months because it was recommended on this sight a while ago. It hope it is doing my bones some good becasue it has done absolutely nothing for my foot pain. And I do have heel spurs.

Re: Cal/Mag

Lynn on 8/24/98 at 23:13 (001453)

Just wondering...
which brand of Cal Mag are you using?