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Looking for a chat

Posted by Jan Hartleben on 8/23/98 at 18:18 (001439)

I have just found this website and wonder if chat sessions have been set up yet.

Re: Looking for a chat

Bonnie on 8/24/98 at 08:22 (001442)

I just discovered this a few months ago..I can't believe how many people are suffering with this condition..it was amazing to me to discover that i was not alone..no one can understand what we are dealing with when they have normal feet..i have been obsessed with feet for years now...i am alwayts watching peoples fett and thinking ...'why do I have pain and they do not'...I am normal weight...and I see large people ..wearing flat shoes on cement and I cringe thinking of what pain I would have if that were me...it has controlled my life for so long and has changed my outlook on everything I think of doing.. how long would I have to be on my feet...ny way...I would love to get a chat room going, but I am very new a computer skills...email me if you want to chat ..maybe we could do IM...

Re: Looking for a chat

carlene on 9/16/98 at 19:29 (001892)

e mail me i am also looking to chat with a fellow heel pain sufferer