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HELP! HELP! Plantar facia problem

Posted by steve on 8/25/98 at 19:41 (001459)


I have recently developed a constant pain (PF) in my left heel. I have been told I have PF. It hurts to walk and throbs a lot. The major problem is that I am a Police Cadet and will soon be required to run 2-3 miles three times a week for PT. I will not be able to ice afterwards as it will be noticed by my drill instrucotr and I will then run the risk of being dropped from the academy. As you can see my job and livelyhood depend on me being able to run for the next six months.

Is there any running shoe I can buy / inserts / padding I can buy to get me thru the next several months? Is surgery effective and how long does it take to heal? I really am in need of some advise to help me get thru this. I have a night splint and am taking anti-inflams. What else can I do.

I would appreciate any help I can get. If anyone has any input please e-mail me at JVFC47@aol.com. THANKS!