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UFO Night Splints

Posted by Sue on 8/25/98 at 23:24 (001461)

Kristen asked if anyone knew who sold the Universal Foot Orthosis (UFO) to non doctors.

I called the 800 # for Orthoamerica (800-637-4500) who makes the product. They told me to just look under Medical Supplies in the yellow pages and call around until I could find someone who sold it.

I did find someone who sold it--it was $79.00. I will go take a look at it.

However, I also called Biodex (800-224-6339)--They are going to send me a catalog with their night splint in it. They want $45 for one with a 90 degree fixed angle and $55 for one with an adjustable angle.
Thanks to Debra who posted the 800 # and the info about the Biodex splint. It sounds promising.