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HELP! This fellow needs responses from seasoned PFers

Posted by Lisa Chakan on 8/25/98 at 23:42 (001462)

You say that you've been told that you have PF. Did a doctor diagnose it? If so, did the doctor recommend any Do's & Don'ts?

Every case is different but in mine, my podiatrist recommended anti-inflammatories, taping, good shoes and TIME. I was told to keep off my feet as much as possible when they were in great pain and to be cognizant of that pain. It was recommended that I walk all I want so long as it doesn't hurt. Bottom line with my podiatrist - if it hurts, walking or running will only exacerbate my problem.

I feel deeply for you and hope that your problem is different from mine. I must say that time, glucosamine, motrin, occasional icing when necessary and birkenstocks have made such a positive difference in my life. Could I run today - not on your life...but I can walk with a minimum of irritation and pain. If I've learned one thing from this wonderful message board it is that while we are all suffering from PF, we differ in degrees, diagnosis and treatment. While I may not be able to run, lots of folks on like here are able and do.

My very best to you.....I hope you hear from lots of people on this message board.


Re: HELP! This fellow needs responses from seasoned PFers

Michael Pryce MD on 8/31/98 at 20:45 (001539)

try visiting the web page http://www.flatfoot.com , Lisa. I think we can help. Also, you can call 1-888-FLT-FOOT (358-3668) toll free for more information. Michael Pryce MD