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PF in Seattle

Posted by Merle on 8/26/98 at 16:31 (001464)

I have been suffering with PF for over 2 years. It's moved back and forth from foot to foot and currently settled in my left foot. I have tried everything. Cortisone shots are only temporary relief, masssage feels good, but no long term relief. The Night splint only helps for the first few steps out of bed, anti-inflammiatories only give mild relief.Stretching, heat and Ice don't seem to do much long term either. Just starting wearing Berks, thanks to the advice I've read here. The Jury is still out as to the long term results.

What's an active person to do when suffering from this. How is it we hear about athletes that suffer, get treatment and then are back on the court in a few months?

Re: PF in Seattle

Lisa Chakan on 8/26/98 at 19:17 (001466)

I too wonder about these athletes who are back on the court after being diagnosed about PF. What am I doing wrong? LOL.

Hopefully the Birks will help you...they helped me and it turns out that I wasn't even fit for them properly. I am now awaiting my new pair to arrive via Fedex....a pair that with a high enough arch to actually support the darn thing. With the Birks and anti-inflammatories and occasional icing, I've made progress. The turning point for me was when I recently became committed to losing weight. I had to be in a lot of pain to tackle dieting after years of ignoring the scale.

Anyway...hope the Birks help - it's nice to have you on board.


Re: PF in Seattle

Michael Pryce MD on 8/31/98 at 20:42 (001538)

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