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Vicky, before having surgery

Posted by Rhonda on 8/27/98 at 00:27 (001471)

Hi Vicky,
before having surgery I suggest you read Scot's note about his friend who has become disabled by the EPF. I don't know which type of surgery you are going to have and I don't mean to discourage you ...just hope you are aware of all the possibilities. Best of luck.

Re: Vicky, before having surgery

Vicky on 8/28/98 at 21:18 (001492)

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for the message about reading Scot's note. I went to my Doctor today and he is confident that this surgery will help me. All I know is the pain from surgery just can't be much worse than the pain I have now. I just pray it all turns out ok. I am stilled shocked by reading this message board on how many people are suffering from this. Good luck to you all.

Bye for now,