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PF can be a symptom in a larger problem

Posted by Rhonda on 8/28/98 at 14:07 (001486)

Hi Shagui,
You mentioned that you have pain and tingling in your arms concurrently with PF. No it is not part of PF however you should be aware that PF can sometimes be one symptom of a different disease. For example often people with Ankolysing Spondylitis or Reiter's syndrome have heel pain along with joint pain elsewhere in their body. In this case the PF would be systemic and not caused by overuse or bad body mechanics. Also, sometimes people with Fibromyalgia have foot pain that at first may be mistakenly diagnosed as PF when in fact it is not. I would suggest that you see a Rheumatologist to be sure your PF and arm problems aren't related. Did they both start around the same time? Best of luck, Rhonda