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Re: flu symptoms and Daypro

Posted by Edain on 8/30/98 at 02:03 (001504)

What I meant was, I took Daypro for 3 days and it made me sick to my stomach, I just laid on the couch feeling sick and I couldn't go to work, couldn't do anything. As for acupuncture, I've had 3 treatments, and it doesn't seem to be too bad. Thanks for your reply.

Re: flu symptoms and Daypro

Cindy on 8/30/98 at 16:45 (001507)

I have had Pf and Tarsal tunnel for almost 3 years now. I tried 8 or so months of acupuncture in the beginning, and I did get a lot better after 6 months or so - I could walk without a wheelchair to the store, etc. but couldn't work out at all. I was also doing PT and all the other things, including shots of cortisone, so I don't think, in retrospect, that I gave the acpuncture enough credit for the improvement I got.

I re-inflammed my feet 16 months ago, and just restarted acupuncture a few weeks ago. I got immediate (after 2 visits) relief from the burning on the bottoms of my feet. I do know that 6 or even 10 treatments is not going to be enough - as I said, I was going 3 times a week for months the first go around. It takes time. And, it does get expensive. I guess I would say that if you haven't noticed anything after 10-15 treatments, maybe you should forget it.