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The orthotic works

Posted by Jennifer on 8/30/98 at 11:11 (001506)

I have had pf for abt. 2 and 1/2 years now. I have seen a podietrist. She tried 4 different anti-inflams. Next she wanted to do the injections. I heard nasty things on that. So, I went to the Ohio state fair. At the fair pod. from a place called the orthotic works were there. They evaluate your feet thru a computer device then make an insert for you. Anyone try these. I bought some for 225.00. My feet hurt soooooo bad 3 weeks later. Any info would be great. Thanks, Jen

Re: The orthotic works

Tony Grady on 8/30/98 at 18:09 (001510)

Hi Jennifer,
Did you try putting the orthotics in for a couple hours, then take them out and so on gradually building up to wearing them? Or did you put them in for 3 solid weeks?
If you have gradually tried to build up your wearing time and after 3 weeks you are still having no luck I wonder if you have a rigid flatfoot (where you have no arch even when sitting). If this is the case then the orthotics will probably always kill you.
Sometimes with orthotics persistence pays off....If you have a regular pronated foot causing some arch strain and have a pretty good arch when you are not weight bearing I would suggest keep trying the orthotics for a little while longer (about 2-3 more weeks). If you are still in alot of pain you should discontinue using them.
Hope this helps!
Tony Grady
http://www.shoetree.com or
http://www.pipcom.com/~tgs (when my server isn't working properly!)