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My Advice About Shoes And Other Advice For PF Sufferers

Posted by Shaira on 8/31/98 at 10:12 (001518)

Here's my advice about shoes. First, take out the bottom of any shoe you buy except for Birkenstocks and a certain type of Eccos. Put in an insert or orthotic into the bottom of the shoe. (My own personal favorites are Flat Foot Inserts, they're at http://www.flatfoot.com & 1-888-flt-foot). The shoes I've been wearing are Eccos, Rockports and Birks and Masseur (Australian sandals with nobby bumps for your foot that feel really good. I wear them around the house.). Masseur shoes are available at The Vitamin Shoppe (www.vitaminshoppe.com?) and cost about $25 or so.

Now for the Newbies on the board, many of us also take Glucosamine and Chondroitin and it seems to really help. I take 2000 mg. per day after I eat. It's expensive and completely worth it.

I also have a foot reflexology massage machine, again, expensive, but completely worth it to relieve suffering.