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Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by Michael Pryce, MD on 8/31/98 at 20:27 (001534)

I am the inventor of the definitive insole for people with Plantar Fasciitis. I have just published an article in Biomechanics Magazine about the pronated foot and its relationship with other conditions including plantar fasciitis. It may be available for your perusal at biomechanics.com. I am an Orthopedic Surgeon who has suffered a life time with flat feet and plantar fasciitis. In a short summary, I have discovered that most people with pronated or flatfeet are those that suffer from the problem. Plantar fasciitis is in many cases the first symptom of a failing arch. The anatomy of the foot is a setup for this condition and as the tissues weaken with age, the arch lengthens as it collapses. The structure that takes all the stress is the plantar fascia. An insole for your shoe is all that most people need, not shots, not surgery, or expensive custom made orthotics. You may call the office at 1-888-FLT-FOOT (358-3668) or you can check the web page at http://www.flatfoot.com for information on the product that definitively compensates the deficient anatomy of the human foot. Thank you for your interest, Michael Pryce MD