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Anyone try ultrasound for PF?

Posted by Kristin on 9/01/98 at 17:11 (001550)

I was wondering if anyone has tried ultrasound treatment for PF? My physiatrist recommended it after icing, night splints, and complete lack of running (can we say someone is grumpy?) hasn't given me any relief--although the night splint does eliminate all pain when I first step out of bed. I'm hoping for some success stories-I've already sent my money in for the Disney marathon AND WANT TO RUN AGAIN


Re: Anyone try ultrasound for PF?

Maha on 9/01/98 at 21:03 (001557)

Yes, tried it and seemed successful (though maybe only psychologically!) for the few times the Physical Therapist did it. He followed it up with some sort of deep massage and it felt very good. Of course, physical therapy only lasts so long. At least after those sessions I could stretch my calf out a whole lot more.

Re: Anyone try ultrasound for PF?

Kathy on 9/02/98 at 08:16 (001568)

I had ultrasound and unfortunately it did not work for me - my PT told me that it usually is successful 99% of the time and I fall into that 1% that it didn't work for! Good luck to you!

Re: Anyone try ultrasound for PF?

roz on 9/02/98 at 17:21 (001578)

I had two whole sessions of PT (one 3 week, one 6 week) both
using Ultrasound. It didn't help at all either time.