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Teva's-not good for PF (so says the MD)

Posted by Kristin on 9/01/98 at 17:20 (001551)

I just came back from my physiatrist telling him that the only shoes that gave me relief during many hours of sightseeing in Paris were my Teva's (they are soooo comfortable for my sore heel). BUT, he said they were bad because they offer no arch support which the foot needs to heal. He explained it as this, when the arch isn't supported and droops it shrinks and weakens the band. When it is supported it longates it and supports it. He suggested I buy shoes (dress shoes that cost more than $5 at Walmart that I usually buy) that have very good arch supports. Good luck.

Re: Teva's-not good for PF (so says the MD)

Sue on 9/03/98 at 13:40 (001596)

It sounds logical that when the arch isn't supported that it droops and shrinks the band and thus the fascia doesn't get a chance to heal.

It's just that for me the arch supports make my arches hurt A LOT. Maybe I should tough it out--will ask my doc--am getting a new pair of arch support soon.