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Posted by Sherri on 9/02/98 at 00:07 (001564)

Though I'm quite sure youwould rather be unqualified for this group, it could always be worse, and it's nice to sometimes chat and discuss alternatives with others.

I don't think ther eis one big answer, because there are many different causes for PF in indiduals, and even same causes react differently to the treatments in different folks.

Standard points:

Wear Brikenstocks rather than go barefoot. Even at night in getting up to go to the bathroom.

Alternate walking with non-ambulatory exercises/work.

If it hurts, GET OFF THEM! And let them rest, inflamation is made worse by stress and etc etc cycle of pain.

After stressing the feet, try using quick touches of ice cube massages to them. DOn't let the foot get too cold at one time, on the ice and off the ice for a bit, to reduce inflamation.

And check with doctor about pain/inflamatory medications.

Good luck to you!
Talk with a doctor about options in your case.