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Pain relief with homeopathic ointment

Posted by Barbara Jordan on 9/02/98 at 12:46 (001574)

I have had PF for almost a year now and like most you have tried lots of remedies. I have customized orthotics, a soft cast I wore for 4 weeks, tried a cortizone shot--none of which seems to have made any difference. I now find that the stretching exercises are crucial to feeling better. I have been going to an acupuncturist (my insurance does cover this at 70%)for about 6 weeks and find that it has not made a big difference other than to perhaps make the pain a little more bearable. The acupuncturist gave me a homeopathic natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic cream called Traumeel and this has worked well for me--especially when the pain is bad. I think it works better than taking the motrin/anaprox types of anti-inflammatories. I have also started Weight Watchers and am enjoying losing the 30 pounds I put on when I quit smoking. After reading the messages posted here I am off to the shoe store again. I find it really difficult to find wide shoes that accommodate orthotics. Anyway, I am still hopeful and determined and love this web-site
! Thank you all for sharing.

Re: Pain relief with homeopathic ointment

Edain on 9/02/98 at 20:32 (001582)

I have had PF for four years and Traumeel works great for me. Anti-inflammatories make me sick, and I don't like the idea of taking pills all the time anyway. Right now I am having regular acupuncture treatments, but I haven't had enough to notice a difference. I've only been 4 times. Just to let you know, Traumeel has a tablet, too. You stick it under your tongue until it dissolves. I've used these also. There's also a trauma oil compound that I've found works well, made by a company called Herb Pharm that I use at night, and for any other ache and pain. It has Olive Oil, Calendula flower, Arnica Flower, and St.John's Wort. Like you, I am trying to lose weight, hoping it will decrease my pain. I am so thankful to find this website. Good luck to you, and Congratulations on quitting smoking