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ultrasound for PF-question for Maha

Posted by Kristin on 9/02/98 at 16:44 (001577)

Thanks Kathy and Maha for responding. Maha, did the ultrasound help with recovery or did it just give temporary relief? I don't have any trouble stretching, just painful to touch and to walk on bare feet. Sorry Kathy about your results.

Re: ultrasound for PF-question for Maha

Maha on 9/02/98 at 17:39 (001579)

I really think it made a difference. Another thing that I think made a difference was the iontopheresis (not sure of the spelling). I believe it is a topical steroid that they can apply up to like 10 times. Those two things and icing 2x/day (yes, a pain in the rear!) helped the most. Was it temporary? Well, mine was excruciatingly painful and after 10-12 sessions with the above things, I could at least walk normally, which was a big improvement after limping all day. I hate to tell you i still cannot run, but perhaps your PF is not as bad as mine. Give it a try.
Hope that helps you.