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Does a walking cast help PF?

Posted by NUCMAN on 9/02/98 at 22:53 (001585)

I have the same question. I have been suffering for two years. Sometimes it hurts so bad that I cannot touch my right heel. I have had 3 steroid injections. They worked for a week or two but the pain returned. They're like a band-aid over cancer, only masking the pain. I'm ready for this to go away. I see my doc on the 9/14. He will pt me in a walking cast for 4-6 weeks if my pain isn't any better. I hope it works. Best of luck!

Re: Does a walking cast help PF?

Barbara Jordan on 9/03/98 at 12:28 (001592)

I was in a soft cast (boot) for four weeks and while it was indeed better and less painful to walk while wearing it, after four weeks I could not see any difference. I wore this boot 24 hours a day except in the shower. Maybe six weeks would have helped, I don't know. I hate to sound the negative note and truly hope that this will work for you. I recently read an article by a podiatrist that claimed that no matter what we do, the injury takes about a year to heal in most cases. But, on reading this site about those who have been suffering 3 and 4 years I am convinced I need to try everything possible and go with those things that at least seem to be helping.