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Acupuncture, homeopathic remedies and footwear

Posted by Barbara Jordan on 9/03/98 at 11:46 (001591)

I am going to try the trauma oil compound you suggested, Edain. Thanks for the encouragement and right back at cha! The main change I have found so far from acupuncture is that my left foot (which has the most pain and is the one I have been having 'pinned') is now less stiff than the right foot. In other words, when I do the foot exercises, it works better. So, now I am having both feet 'pinned'. I really cannot say that the pain is less but as I said before, it seems more bearable and perhaps this is because acupuncture (I am told) brings other things into balance, both emotionally and physically. I am sticking with it because I have had success in the past with soft tissue injuries. However, my acupuncturist tells me that it could be a long process. I plan to give her 5 or 6 months to see if it works. I would be very interested in staying in touch with acupuncture patients to compare notes. Has anyone had treatments for as long at 5 or 6 months? Also, as for shoes, I have a wide front foot with squared off toes and narrow heel so really need a roomy toe box. I have been wearing Easy Spirit walking shoes which accommodate orthotics well. (I like to put my orthotics under the inner sole for more comfort.) My orthotics do not fit in sandals or clogs, or any kind of dress shoe. And even though the European footwear is wider than most American shoes, the length sizing is wrong for my feet. Yesterday I bought a pair of SAS walking shoes which seem pretty supportive and comfortable. I find that I cannot wear flat shoes without support or lift. If I could find an athletic or walking shoe with slightly more lift in the heel that would be terrific but I don't think they exist. When I need to dress up, the round-toed Naturalizer with one inch heel works well for me even without the orthotics. (These are the ones with the elastic sides that sort of curl up the shoes when they are not being worn.) Thank goodness I don't have to dress up for work
! Well, anyway, it's great to be able to get all this out...and also realize that I'm not alone.