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PF pain not in heel

Posted by Debbie on 9/03/98 at 12:31 (001593)

I was diagnosed with PF yesterday, and the Dr. taped my foot. He advised cushion supports for my shoes, which run about 300.00. Everything I am reading indicates the pain for PF should be in the heel. Mine is in the inside arch. I went to purchase some Birkenstock shoes after reading this site, but they were very painful due to the 'hump' being in the precise place where my pain is. I do much better with shoes that have heels. And flat surfaces are much more painful unless I walk on the side of my foot or curl my toes. I am now questioning whether the diagnosis was correct,since there is no pain in my heel, and the Birkenstocks were extremely painful. Does this sound like P.F. to you??? And if it does, I want to do what I can to 'fix' it, not mask it. Are there exercises? Anything else? After it's 'fixed', then I'll go the maintanance route.
I appreciate any advice at this point.
Thank You

Re: PF pain not in heel

Tony Grady on 9/03/98 at 21:35 (001601)