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Spontaneous Recovery???

Posted by Kathy on 9/03/98 at 15:34 (001598)

After 2 1/2 years of heel pain, orthotics, icing, stretching, night splints, and a cotisone shot, I think (dare I say it) I'm cured! Not sure what happened, but I have gone several days without pain. Even went to the state fair and walked around for about 5 hours...feet were sore, but no lasting pain. One thing I did do about a week ago was to STOP wearing my orthotics everyday. I bought new shoes (Easy Spirits) and wore them. Only wore orthotics in my athletic shoes (until I get new ones). Has anyone else experienced such a sudden stopping of pain? I'm afraid of being too over confident, but it feels great to have no pain after so long. Hope it continues....

Re: Spontaneous Recovery???

Rhonda on 9/04/98 at 19:53 (001616)

Hi Kathy,
I'm not sure if you are the same Kathy that I corresponded with before...the Kathy with the tendonitis in her wrists? Anyway, I know My feet started feeling a lot better when I got rid of my orthodics. I too have had pf for about 2 1/2 years. I had about 4 or 5 days in a row recently when my pain seemed to be gone. I don't trust going for a walk on them yet but I have been able to get around much more easily recently. Where I live we are having drier weather than we usually do. I'm not sure where you live but have you noticed any correlation to barometric pressure or humidity? Let us know if your pain-free state lasts! Rhonda