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Plantar Fibromyalgia?

Posted by Tony Grady on 9/03/98 at 21:40 (001602)

Hi Debbie,
I had a couple of thoughts as I read your posting: Is the pain just in front of the heel bone (it can be fairly high on the instep) and you feel one very tender spot? If yes then PF is likely.
If the lump does not appear to be connected to the heel bone, and feels like a nodule embedded in the plantar fascia anywhere through the arch, then I would suspect Plantar Fibromyalgia. (I think this is how it is spelled). I've seen it a few times and Birkenstocks will aggrevate this condition very much. Please don't quote me on this being what you have; it's just my thought. I would suggest seeing your medical doctor for a 2nd opinion and hold off getting the $300 orthotics.
If you have any question please e-mail me.
Tony Grady