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Thank the gods I'm not the only one !

Posted by Wode on 9/04/98 at 01:09 (001609)

Hi, looks like I'm not alone here
I work in law enforcement and am on my feet for most of the day on concrete. Last may I started getting sore heels in both feet and was too stoic about them until July 23 when I could no longer walk without mega-severe pain to perform my duties. I don't have to bore you with the details, for you all know what pain I am talking about
I have been on workers' comp for a month and was told by my podiatrist that I had plantar fasciitis. The podiatrist had orthotics custom made for me and I went back to my duties yesterday. I was able to work for 4 hours before the pain got so intense I was back to where I was over a month ago. When I got home from work, I took a marking pen and marked all the areas where the pain an numbness were located. This helped me to be able to show the doctor where the pains were. I had an appointment my podiatrist today and he gave me a test that shows I also have tarsal tunnel syndrome and gave an injection of cortisone in both ankles. It looks like my career may be at an end soon as I spend over 6 hours a day walking and standing on concrete. I was delighted to find this message board. At least I don't feel all alone in the world with my feet problem. Thank you all for posting here. :-)