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Re: Wow- 10 Cortisone Shots? Can be Dangerous...

Posted by Diane R. on 9/04/98 at 04:08 (001610)

Janet - Have you read all the posts on this site. I mean all the OLD post that go way back and the surgical ones etc. You will find that many people have had bad experiences with cortisone shots that 'blow the tendons' 'rupture' -- words like that are scary. My physician told me not to have anymore cortisone to my feet and I only had one shot. Each one is a risk and the more you have to one area of the body the worse it can be. Also, there are many side effect to cortisone that can be long term in the body. Have you tired Birkenstock shoes? There is much info on this site (again read all the old postings, too) regarding the benefits several people have found with them. Non-surgical and non-invasive relief.