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Acupuncture, Micro Current treatment and PF

Posted by Barbara on 9/04/98 at 17:34 (001615)

I went to my 7th acupuncture appt. in 7 weeks and believe I may be getting a little better. The acupunturist is not only 'pinning' me, she is also using a 'micro current' treatment which consists of electric current going into the heel area (through two patches stuck on each heel to try and break up the spurs. This treatment is also used to diminish scar tissue. The current is so 'micro' I don't feel it as it's happening. These treatments actually make my heel feel worse afterwards but then better than before after about 24 to 48 hours. I am going to stick with this for a while longer--mainly because I feel much better mentally and have more energy and the pain seems more bearable. I have read most of the messages contained throughout this site and am curious why I haven't found much mention of acupuncture. I know it is quite expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it. If anyone has tried it for a length of time I would be interested in your experience.