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Birkenstock sandals and closed toe

Posted by Lisa Chakan on 9/05/98 at 13:47 (001633)

Howdy! Birkenstock makes wonderful sandals, most notably the ARIZONA style that many of us PFers find great relief in. Birkenstock also makes closed toe shoes which I've not found the same level of success with.

What has been helpful is getting inserts for regular closed shoes. Tony Grady who posts messages online here has a podiatric shoe store in Ontario and I just got a pair of Birk inserts from him. They were cheaper than if I purchased them locally and best of all, they are guaranteed for 60 days or your money back if pain is not relieved.

In a nutshell, for me the Birk sandals are helpful but for closed toe shoes, I prefer an insert to the Birk closed shoe.


Re: Birkenstock sandals and closed toe

Barb on 9/14/98 at 20:17 (001851)

I was looking for a pair of Birks for the winter and after reading your message I was wondering what ones you tried that weren't as good as the Arizona sandals. I also wear the blue Birk inserts in Naturalizer shoes, but wanted something else to wear. What are you doing for the winter?