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my mantra: combined therapies & good shoes

Posted by Lisa Chakan on 9/05/98 at 14:06 (001634)

Like Denise, I believe that good shoes can make the difference - both positive and negatively.

All of my life I wore high quality shoes until recent years. Our family finances began to crunch when my husband was laid off and my stepsons began college in the Ivy League. While cutting back on costs in most areas was a postive and healthy experience, buying cheap 9.99 shoes was the dumbest move I've yet to make.

Today, we are still watching every penny but no longer do I sacrifice my health and well being. What worked for me was to purchase good shoes (I recommend Birkenstock sandals and their inserts for your regular shoes) and use a combined therapy:

* glucosamine 500 mgs 3 x a day after meal
* 1 motrin tablet 3 x a day after a meal (anti-inflam without the steroid)
* icing my pf foot at least once a day
* EXERCISE and STRETCHING the pf foot throughout the day
* wearing good arch support in shoes and inserts
* foot massage
* visit this website religiously for deepened awareness and recommendations from those in the know