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Re: footsoother for a little less at Sharper Image

Posted by Diane R. on 9/05/98 at 23:17 (001646)

Just recently read about the footsoother - on this site - and I bought it today at Sharper Image (Mpls) for $169.00. Decided it was probably the best price I was about to find. My PF has been really under control with the birks for many months now (almost used the word cured but that is probably a never, never thing). But last few weeks I have had to work an excessive amount of overtime -- all of it on my feet and I am finding my feet 'sore/tired' this past few days. Not exactly PF sore but could be the start of it again or very near -- I want something soothing that will hopfully not inflame any PF tendencies. I had 4 really bad years and I don't want them back! I still have a couple more weeks of covering the extra hours while someone is on maternity leave and then hopefully back to 8-10 hrs. and some free weekends again which will definitely be a help too. It has a very strong massage so I plan to be very careful using it.