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Quite likely PF

Posted by Rhonda on 9/06/98 at 01:32 (001648)

my pain for the first 2 years was exactly in the spot described...the inside of the arch where it attaches to the heal. I've been told by several professionals that this is a common spot for PF. My brother had pain in the same spot as well and had the orthopedic surgery done on it. My pain has moved since I got rid of the orthodics...more on the heal now and the other side of the arch. Rhonda

Re: Quite likely PF

Debbie on 9/07/98 at 10:27 (001670)

Tell me it isn't true. The pain actually moves to another area of the foot? Why did you stop using the orthodics?
I spent all day yesterday trying on shoes that estimated from the 20.00 range to the 170.00 range. Nothing seems to feel 'right.'
Birkenstocks are definitely out. Clark is a so-so,along with Echo, Metaphisto (?) Josef someone or another too. I had never heard of any of these brands before last week.
So now you are telling me that there is good possibility that one can spend a fortune on shoes, and many other expenses, only to have the pain move, rather than be eliminated. What about exercises?
Thanks for the input. It is much appreciated.