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Spencos and tuli cups

Posted by Rhonda on 9/06/98 at 01:38 (001649)

after getting rid of my orthodics I first tried going without any inserts but as my foot was used to having orthodics support them for 1 1/2 years this caused pain in the cuboid joint due to sublaxation. So the ease the cuboid joint pain I put in a $20. pair of Spenco inserts and to keep my heel snug in the shoe I added a tuli cup on top. (not the other type of cups, specifically tuli cups). Recently, I bought new sneakers, Saucony Grid Control, and got rid of the tuli cups. After a few weeks I got rid of the Spencos and just where the runners on their own. I sometimes put the SPencos back in. Hope this was helpful to you! Best of luck...Rhonda