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What Is The Best Workout Shoe?

Posted by Josie on 9/06/98 at 13:09 (001650)

I was recently diagnosed for having PF and have been slowly recovering from my injury. I got it by using cheap shoes (money was tight at the moment) while doing the treadmill at the gym (now I'm realizing that was a BIG and COSTLY mistake!). Now, after weeks off my feet and many anti-inflammatories later, I'm ready to get back on my feet again! What shoes do you recommend for this condition? (I can't imagine myself out there in Birkenstocks!) I only lift weights and walk on the treadmill. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Re: What Is The Best Workout Shoe?

Lisa Chakan on 9/06/98 at 19:17 (001654)

Easy Spirit makes a line of workout shoes Anti-Gravity. A couple of folks have been talking about them so I went today to try a pair on. They were heavenly and I ended up purchasing a pair of cross-train type called All Terrain. Unfortunately, I've got to bring 'em back tomorrow because the shoes are different colors - when I tried 'em on at 6:30 p.m. tonight, the store clerks were so intent on closing up at 7 p.m. that they had already turned off half the lights. I didn't notice that one shoe was a grey/green/brown combo and the other was black/green/brown combo. Under normal lighting conditions, they look good - one foot at a time. But, boy do they feel great!

Oh, I should add that I put a Birkenstock blue insert in them for the added arch support.

Hope this helps.


Re: What Is The Best Workout Shoe?

Rita on 9/06/98 at 21:38 (001661)

I find Reboks to be the best. Bought a pair of Asics that I cannot wear, am going to try an insert in them, but my old Reboks are still going strong. Just walked a whole day at MGM Studios in FL in them, NO PROBLEM