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Swelling of the foot

Posted by B. Whittall on 9/06/98 at 15:55 (001653)

I have have problems with heel spurs for years. I am overweight and know I need to lose weight so I joined a gym. After two aerobic sessions, my left foot is swollen and very uncomfortable. I take Daypro. Is very noticeable swelling normal?

Re: Swelling of the foot-may be more than PF???

Diane R. on 9/14/98 at 20:08 (001849)

I have never had noticeable swelling of either of my feet (... I have PF in both with heel spurs showing up on x-rays). My PF problems go back over 5 yrs. total with 4 bad yrs. and the last mostly good thanks to birkenstocks. You may have some further problem(s) with your foot and should probably seek some medical advice. Good luck.

Re: Swelling of the foot

Diane F. on 9/15/98 at 19:41 (001871)

I also have swelling of the foot but thought it was normal with pf. When I had the most pain and at the beginning my feet were swollen around the heels, ankles and arches. I used to have a very slim but long feets but since I have gotten pf they are more puffy and not the same. But as my feet seem to get better the swelling seems to have gone down and not as bad as before. I would get it checked out in case it could be something else. Good Luck :)