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Can't stand the pain much longer

Posted by Janet on 9/06/98 at 19:29 (001655)

Thanks everyone for all of the kind words.....and advice.
The standing on concrete at work is really getting to me. Somehow I feel like all of this is getting to me so much that it is making me sick in other ways (like an ulcer and also my mental state!)
I have put the pain in the back of my mind for so long , but it isn't working anymore...
Get this: I got the last set of shots on this past week, it feels like all it has done is take the pain from the OUTSIDES of the feet. As I walk I feel the insides hurt, and it is the worst pain I have felt yet (since I was diagnosed like about 2 years ago).
This is the most horrible thing I have ever went through. I am not sure how much I can take anymore. I am really missing out on the happiness of raising my 2 year old son

I have sent my Primary Care physician a letter and asked her to refer me to another Podiatrist that I heard about in a larger city.
I am also going to look into ordering the Birkenstocks.
Thanks again everyone

Re: Can't stand the pain much longer

carlene on 9/16/98 at 19:04 (001888)

i have had heel pain for 6 weeks i am miserable help