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Re: This is war.

Posted by debbie on 9/06/98 at 22:16 (001663)

I know what you mean. I also went to a Podiatrist and after months I switched to an orthopedic . At the time I had a stress fracture in my heel and the pod was giving me cortizone shots for plantar fashiitis. Right away the orhopedic dr. sent me to get a bone scan and sure enouph there was the fracture. I couldn't even walk on my foot then. I was in an air cast for 3 mos. After that I felt pretty good but I also had pf and a bone spur. After continuing my aerobics it got worse and the Dr. gave me more shots and we tried everything we could before he sent me to an orthopedic surgeon and I had surgery for my right foot. He released the fasciitis, the entrapped nerve and removed the heel spur. I am still in pain after almost 4 mos. The Dr says it sometimes takes 6 mos to a year to heal. I can't just sit around, I have a job and also have 2 kids. Something good must have happened as a result of the surgery since my foot doesn't hurt to press on, but I can't even go food shopping without paying for it. My left foot is even worse and I was scheduled for surgery and backed out since I don't know if the first was a success. After reading this board I decided to take matters into my own hands. I bought a pair of Reebok dmx running shoes. I wore them today and they are great. I actually could walk normal for awhile. I am also taking Shaklee alfalfa tabs and calcium magnisum. someone I know did this and after two weeks his pain was completely gone! email me for more on this if you are interested. On Tues. nite I am meeting with an acupuncturist and I'm, very excited. I heard several people who tried this and it worked. I'll try anything before going to surgery again.. I'll let you know how it works for me. Keep the faith. Debbie

Re: This is war.

Judy on 9/07/98 at 04:53 (001666)

Could you please give some more info on the calcium/magnesium
supplement. I have been on it for a couple of weeks and see some
improvement. I am taking 1000 mgs calcium & 500 mgs magnesium.
Is this what you are taking?

Re: This is war.

debbie on 9/07/98 at 15:55 (001675)

Hi Judy,
The vitamins I am taking are Shaklee. They are natural and you have to find a distributor to get them. If you want to try them I can send you some. I take four a day and they are calcuum magnesium, Four a day supplies 650mg calcium, 500 mg phosphorus, and 400 mg magnesium, and 200 iu of vit. d. Hope this helps. Debbie