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EPF failed; what next?

Posted by Melissa on 9/07/98 at 20:22 (001682)

Last Monday, my podiatrist confirmed that the EPF I had on July 6th did not work. When I asked him if I was still recovering from surgery, he said 'That foot will continue acting that way as long as you are walking on it at work.' He's usually hopeful, but this time he was not. Now he's just trying to keep me working and as comfortable as possible. A colleague of mine who had EPF at the same surgery center I did but with a different podiatrist said her operation worked, but it took over a year until she was pain free. I've resigned myself to teaching all year with PF pain, with the hope that I'll be recovered by next summer.

In the mean time, is there anybody who has had the EPF who can give me suggestions for what has worked after the surgery and after that first few weeks of recovery? I'm in a cast boot right now, and will be in that for at least the next two weeks. That helps decrease my pain at work and move around my classroom easier. However, the weekend comes, and I end up being laid up with intense stabs of pain shooting up and down the inside of my arch. Even Demerol has failed to kill the pain. I would like to do something besides work and sit in front of the television.

Thank you in advance for any ideas you have!


Re: EPF failed; what next?

Ginger on 1/06/99 at 00:00 (003083)

I had EPF in '91 and am still having problems with my feet. Later that year my husband and I divorced and I moved back to Mom and Dad's with my kids. I lost 35 pounds and that seemed to help some. My job was a killer on my feet though because I was a lifeguard at a water park and had to run around barefoot on concrete entirely too much. At this present time, I am in my third cast since July. I have now been diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in my right foot. My left foot is killing me because of having to over compensate...the pain is the same as the PF.
The only thing that I can recommend is that you try to stay off of your feet as much as possible while you are recovering from the surgery. Even though at this writing it has now been a few months, it will take longer to be healed up completely.
Don't give up:)