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Is this our life??

Posted by Janet on 9/07/98 at 21:30 (001686)

You sound like me. I am so aggrivated that all I do is go to work and come home and sit. My housework is way behind, especially my laundry. I dread to even take a shower because the hard surface of the bottom of the shower is so painful to stand on. I would love to just take a regular bath and soak away some of the pain, but the baths always lead to Bladder infections
I wear clothes that are not ironed because I can't stand long enough to iron them. I can't even get a new pair of shoes that will feel better on my feet because I can't stand up to the shopping long enough to find the shoes. My feet hurt so bad that I can't even actually tell if the shoes I am trying on feel good or not.

It is so frustrating. I am so glad I found this web site.