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Anyone ever hear of bone chips in feet?

Posted by Janet C. on 9/08/98 at 15:18 (001704)

I was diagnosed with PF 4 years ago. My treatment has included the usual--multiple pairs of orthotics, PT, rest, NSAIDs, stretching,... all to no avail. I happened to be looking at my old x-rays recently (I have 2 sets) and I noticed a little piece of bone just under, but separate from, my tarsal bones in both feet--right near the heel bone. I have an appointment with my Physiatrist next week and plan to have him look at the x-rays again. Has anyone every been diagnosed with bone chips in their feet?

Re: Anyone ever hear of bone chips in feet?

Deby on 9/10/98 at 12:17 (001763)

Yes, I had one removed several years ago on the left side of my left foot. It caused my shoes to rub and eventually began to cause the side of my foot to protrude (looking very strange in my shoes) Ortho surgeon removed it with small incision which healed nicely and quickly and no problems since.